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Applied Research









Postgraduate Supervision

  • The effects of wearable resistance on shoulder strength and throwing velocity in baseball athletes. 

    • Postgraduate Student (PhD) - Trey Job

  • The effectiveness of a concurrent training model on repeated sprint ability in adolescent team sport athletes.

    • Postgraduate Student (PhD) - Aaron Kyles​

  • A constraint-based approach to improving the sprint acceleration and maximal speed on young male athletes

    • Postgraduate Student ​(PhD) - Barry Fitzpatrick

  • The Relationship Between Single-Leg Lateral Jump Ability and Performance in Single-Leg Lateral Change of Direction Tasks in Youth Athletes.

    • Postgraduate Student (Mphil) - Matoko Noudehou

  • Plantarflexion assessment using load cell technology: reliability and limb asymmetry.

    • Postgraduate Student (Mphil)- Chris Juneah DPT

Current Research

  • Comparison of group-specific physical performance measures in collegiate-level American football officials - A cross sectional study. 

    • Accompanying Authors - Frank Bourgeois PhD. 

  • The influence of short-term multidirectional jump training on performance in jumping and change of direction tasks in adolescent collision sport athletes. 

    • Accompanying Authors- Frank Bourgeois PhD. 

Affiliated Universities and Organizations

  • Athlete Training + Health

  • Auckland University of Technology, Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK

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